Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(title to be determined) (title still not determined)

This is going to be a whole post. Just not right now, because I have to go put my running stuff on and then go running in my running stuff. Check back tomorrowish.

But you can watch this now. You know you want to.

Edited Later As Promised:

So, I love this song. I've always loved this song. But I couldn't figure out who sang it. I googled the lyrics - what lyrics I could remember - every few months, but the internet seemed to think it didn't exist.

Then today I remembered I had a friend who was basically Wikipedia's entire discography database in the shape of a human brain. So I sent him a text. It said:
"'...Gloria / I think they've got your number / I think they've got the alias / you've been living under...' who is that"

And he texts me back in about 5 seconds, "That is Gloria by Laura Branigan, from the summer of 1982."

It pays to choose your friends well.

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