Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is my impression of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

"Hey, this music is great, but you know, I think we need lasers. More lasers. No, more than that. You know what else? Fire. I think there should be lots of fire. You're not listening to me. I said LOTS OF FIRE. And I need some goddamn girls in some goddamn catsuits to shake their goddamn hair. And you - you should shake your hair, too. We need a tower. We need, like, a tower that rises up from the ground and we're gonna be ON IT and there's gonna be SMOKE and FIRE and I AM NOT SEEING ENOUGH LASERS I AM BEGINNING TO DOUBT YOUR COMMITMENT TO SPARKLELASERFIRECATSUITHAIR MOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Woke up and the WoW server was down, considered renapping.

So, I've had a crazy couple of days. Not crazy in the sense of anything bad happened, just that I had to be all these places and do all these things that all mattered enough that I couldn't just say, "Neh, busy, must ass-sit for that time instead."

The thing about me is that I require a certain amount of pressure-free time during a day, or else that day doesn't seem so nice to me and I consider things like slamming doors and kicking low brick walls. Running is one thing that sometimes fulfills this need for Me Time, but then sometimes I have to get a run done in a certain amount of time to get somewhere, and then running just becomes this other thing that I have to get done.

But I just took a three hour nap, which is a long nap for me, and I'm good. I decided to nap rather than watch a movie because I looked at it mathematically, and the amount of sleep I've had in the past few days = not enough.

I completely intended to share a revelation with you that I had on Friday, but I kept forgetting until right now, so here it is:

Indiana Jones' fear of snakes is totally legitimate and not a sign of comic weakness as we are lead to believe. Think about it. Here's a guy who knows that he can basically kill anyone or any thing that is going to try and ruin his day. BUT, if he is bitten by a snake, he's in basically the definition of the middle of nowhere. There's absolutely no way he'll be able to get to the anti-venom in time. He can't exactly shoot his way out of dying.

You can't do this to venom rushing through your bloodstream. Just saying.

While out for my run today, I had what I think could be a really cool idea, if I could somehow combine with someone with more drive and energy than me. I'm calling it the White Rabbit Race series.

The idea is, sometimes it's fun to go out and not know exactly where your running route is going to take you. And it's also fun to have some kind of... accountability for what you're running. You want someone to know that today you planned to run and then ran six miles, etc. And races are fun, but you don't always have that specific time open or money to sign up.

Enter the White Rabbit. My idea is, map several courses of varying distance around Greensboro, and mark them with white spray-paint stencils. Not just any stencils, but stencils of rabbits pointing the direction you're supposed to go - small markers at turns, like little bike sharrows. So then you "follow the white rabbit."

And you could build a community website around them, where people sign up and then log the details of their runs, times, pace, etc. And it would be like a race series, except you do each race on your own time and you never know who else is following the white rabbit.

What do you think? Cool idea?

Today happens to be the UberTransFan's birthday, which was another reason to take a nap. Plans involve staying up as long as it takes to be able to run a dungeon as a household (by which I mean as long as it takes to get the Little Monster to go to bed).