Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As a public service announcement.

Reptar is apparently really bad at keeping time. Even though I clearly put "March 18th, 7AM" in the countdown clock maker place thingy, he thinks the marathon is three days away. Today is... well, now it's Wednesday. One day, Thursday. Two days, Friday. Three days, Saturday. Six hours and seventeen minutes, 7AM.

Ergo, Reptar is one day off and needs to stop making me panic every five seconds. I have a paper to finish, an exam to study for, and also some sleep to get.

Hang on a second.

That means 4 days.

4 days.


I have to go hide now. But I already had this copied and pasted in here, so my panicking doesn't mean you can't have something to do in my absence.

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