Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bonus Points For The Alex Mack Throwback

I'm sitting here in The Collective's Library Stronghold by myself, because Catface Meowmers decided to go home and take a nap and stuff, so I've finally got the time, space, and inclination to blog a little bit about the start of the semester, how the marathon training is going, and other stuff.

Chronologically speaking, I should mention the bike crash and it's after-effects. Or lack thereof. Anyways, I was biking to work last Friday (work being my gig as a paper delivery boy for the Carolinian) and as I was zooming across campus, I was not hit by a car.

"But surely you're not hit by cars far more often than you're hit by cars," you're saying. "In fact, if you mentioned every time you were not hit by a car, you'd never mention anything else, and be that really boring girl at the Canyon who used to corner you in the hallway on your way back from the bathroom and talk to you for fifteen minutes about stuff that didn't happen to her while you oooch along the wall like Alex Mack."

This would normally be true, except on Friday I was lot closer to being hit by a car than I am, say, right now. I actually had to actively avoid being hit by a car, and in doing so, wound up smacking into a wall head-on and then head-first.

I'm fine, but I totaled my bike, which makes me really sad as it was my favorite commuter. Good enough to use, not good enough to stress about ruining. Easy to step through, toe cages instead of clips... I mean, yes, so I have two other bikes, but they're not really for the same thing. No way am I using the good road bike to commute to school (besides, toe clips to school are just not practical, considering all the starting and stopping and needing real shoes once I get there) and the other commuter is just so pretty I have a hard time wanting to take it out of the house. Also it has screaming French wheels and I can't get the 70s-era generator for the headlight to stop rubbing the wheel wall, even when it's off.

Next! School. Classes started Monday, as you might be aware, and while I am slightly sad about having less time to devote to World of Warcraft, it's fairly well known that I really love school. My brain is much happier when it goes to class a couple of times a day, and packs its lunch in a little sandwich-shaped tupperware container, and stops using its car to run errands. I got lazy over the summer and drove too much. I had excuses but my inability to afford a parking pass trumps them. Biking to and from school really zens me somehow.

I'm in five classes and I pretty much have potential to adore them all. They moved ASL4 from Monday/Wednesday nights to Tuesday/Thursday nights, which is the only bad thing about my schedule, because it means that I can't make group runs or track for a whole semester. Plus it's during marathon training, and it's well documented that I run and train better with other people around who are better than me. I'm going to stick to the plan and get it done, and still kick Richmond in the face, but I might be a little more stressed about it at times. I'm not a good gauge of myself.

I think Victorian Literature's professor is going to annoy me before the end, but I love the material and I'm hoping that sustains me. I may be annoyed by her simply because of her qualities of Not Being My Favorite Professor (Who Is Not Teaching This Course This Semester.)

Also she lectured us for half an hour of our first class about how difficult it was going to be to find a job once we graduated, and that kind of chaps me because I'm an English Major. I know finding a job is going to be hard. It's not like I'm sitting around on cotton candy clouds not thinking about it. I've just had to reach a certain level of trust in the universe that something will happen. Precedent says that it will. I needed a job and the Canyon happened. I needed a bike and several of them happened. I needed a computer to play WoW and Microsoft put the software to make that possible on mega-hyper-sale for $30.

I don't need a career-type job yet, which is why one hasn't happened yet. When I get closer to graduation, something will happen. And if it doesn't, I'll go to grad school while I keep looking and waiting.

So now I need music, and it should probably be the Beastie Boys.

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