Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Stargate is bigger than your Stargate.

During the run this morning, The Bad Influence and I were trying to breath air so humid it was condensing on my glasses, so obviously I felt chatty. I needed a distraction. I couldn't tell if The Bad Influence was annoyed or also in need of a distraction, because I wasn't really capable of caring about his needs.

I reached deep into the well of 'Shit That Doesn't Really Matter' in my head, and came up with, "Why isn't Stargate considered as a viable science fiction universe?"

Which is a genuine question I, as a Stargate fanatic, have always wondered. People are always asking, "Star Wars or Star Trek?" The Stargate universe is probably just as expansive as either of those. There's the original series, and Atlantis, and Universe, along with the original movie and two others. Multiple alien races have been well-established - the Stargate 'mythology' is probably even more fleshed out than Star Trek. Clearly, some Trekkie would argue that but I'd win because I'm tenacious and when cornered by Q I would just shout, "Thor! Thor! THE MOTHERFUCKING ASGARD!"

I mean, Stargate HAS Q - the Ancients. And they never throw up their hands and say, "It's a Q thing!" They actually explain the supposed hows and whys. They have space ships, and transporters, and even Jedi-like beings in the Ascendants.

So I think I'm officially backing Stargate in the 'My Fandom Is Better Than Your Fandom' fisticuffs. If only there were awesome Stargate conventions... oh, wait, look at that.

Now I really want to Stargate cosplay.

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