Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Friends Are Azoles

I was going to post a thing today. It was going to be about running, and food, and a little bit about music but not much, and also about Scrabble.

But then I got distracted by Palahniuk's new book (Damned) and by making coffee and generally bumming around my morning routine so that now instead of telling you all about my 20-miler on Saturday, and the foods I've been eating while trying to quit cereal, and about how I've managed to become so frustrated with a casual, fun word game I'm playing with friends that I've decided that all my friends are cheating liars and that this is how Captain Hook decided he wanted to sink his hook into Pan because it isn't fair that Pan can fly and never ages and meanwhile it's getting harder to climb the rigging with every birthday.

I will, however, still post a song for you. I saw Haley Dreis when she opened for Jay Clifford at Ziggy's - Jay produced her new album, which I of course bought because it was $5 and she was a pretty girl in cowboy who just wanted people to help her afford to eat. And I'm shocked, honestly, because this album is good, and has quickly entered into heavy rotation on my iPod.

She doesn't have my favorite song posted on her YouTube page, but you know how I feel about covers, and also how I feel about Beyonce's Single Ladies. So here's this:

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