Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm doing something I've never done before, which is post a blog entry via Kindle Fire. There may be some awkwardness up-ins due to tiny touch keyboard and the browser's inability to understand blogger 100%. It doesn't even understand how to spell blogger. You can almost hear it shouting, "This is not a word! IT IS NOT I KNOW ALL THE WORDS I AM KINDLE!"

I love my Fire. So much. I play Words With Friends, I check email, I read books, I watch Netflix, I stare mesmerized for hours at Gravilux. But typing just isn't something loveable about it.

But I have some time and I wanted to ramble about - what else? - marathon training. I've been markedly lax about talking about running for a blog that was supposed to be 35% about running. (Yes, there's a pie chart.)

It's not that I'm being lax about training, exactly, it's just that I'm not all that worried about it. I'm excited, a little nervous-excited, and ready. Not physically ready, because there's weeks to go and lots of long runs to get done, but all that mental preparedness I had to build up last time is still there. Plus I know for sure that marathon is possible for me. There's precedent.

I am running a lot more this time. More miles per week, more runs above six miles. I did nearly 57 miles last week and finished feeling OK. (There was a stomach related incident during my long run that I don't want to discuss.) This week is not so many miles, so don't worry.

Today is my busy day, and like a boss I left the house without my Garmin or my lunch protein bar. Go me, right? At least I get to have a donut today. If I couldn't have my weekly donut I think my whole world would fall apart.

If anyone reading this would like to leave a comment giving me their opinion of sasquatch, it would be exceedingly helpful.

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