Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some days you're cereal free, and some days Earth Fare puts Puffins on sale.

I want to start a band, and I want my band to perform songs that exclusively suggest that we are leading secret double lives. Like Jem. Or Dazzler. Or that vampire huntery girl who that one roommate I had once liked but I didn't because of the amount of men she had detail-oriented sex with.

I almost said, 'Like SClub7,' but they really were a band, even if they were also pretending to be a band in a television show where they pretended to be actors and I pretended to prefer Rachel over Jo.
If you can't read this, click to enlarge. Heh.

I'm just saying that people like superheroes that are pretending to be rock stars. Why not be a rock star pretending to be a superhero?

Well, I think it would be funny, anyways.

This picture of the S Club 7 did not illustrate my point due to size and Jo being, as usual, shoved into the back of the shot, but I really liked it anyways because that's Jo's car and you know what? It's the S Club 7, and if I start defending myself about this then I won't be able to stop.

The little blond in front, by the way, is Hanna, and she was 'the dumb one,' which meant that even though she did sometimes dress like, well, that, I didn't have any patience for her.

Also the other blond on the right is a boy named John.

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