Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let's ask an elephant!

I left the TV on when I went out to run this morning. I had been watching Animal Planet and Griffon the Wonderpup seemed genuinely interested in watching the Blakiston's Fish-owl stalk fitches, and I wasn't going to be gone for very long.

Yeah, that's right. I said "when I went out to run this morning."

I saw the Orthodoc on Wednesday and she gave me a tentative clear. I'm still a little tender in spots, but the options were either a) take 6 weeks off or b) try to run, find out it doesn't work, and take 6 weeks off. Guess which option seemed better to me.

She said run 'boringly slow and boringly short.' So when I got to the house on Wednesday, I put on running clothes and went out. I'm in a cul-de-sac and from here to the main road is almost exactly half a mile. So I was gonna run out and back, once, slowly. Aaaaand I ran an 8 minute mile.

Running slower than the pace I've trained myself to is hard.

So I got back from my two miles, and one of the other dogs, Molly, had laid down on the chair next to the remote control, and somehow changed the channel to Sesame Street. All four of the dogs were staring at the screen with rapt attention as Elmo sang the Tooth Song.

Elmo is taking over my entire world.

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