Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, I'M freaking out, anyways.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, it's 119 days till Richmond.

That's 17 weeks until I run 26.2 miles.

This week, I'll finish out with about 20 miles. Total.

At minimum, I need 14 weeks to train for Richmond. I've got to get it. And yet I've also got to stop panicking about it. I really kinda hate myself right now, even though there was no warning about this ankle thing until it just... happened, and I stopped and went to the Orthodoc when it happened.

So there's no use panicking, or being angry, or any of this. I just... I need this to be fixed. I need to be able to start upping my mileage, and here I'm stalled at 20 miles a week.

My new course of action (for the next 24 hours, at least) is to ignore all of this, and listen to large amounts of Gossip at aggressively high volumes. Beth Ditto makes things better.

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