Monday, May 9, 2011

Adventures In Urban Camping: Part 1

I finally have a mattress set! I'm planning on making this my bed entirely - I genuinely like the notion of "floorbed" and bed frames have a tendency to displease me anyways. I can't actually put it in the room it goes in, yet, because that room is first on the list to be painted after the Kilz goes up in the bathroom, but I'm all set up in the larger basement room for now, along with the truly awful, cheap entertainment center someone left behind.

I made a joke that apparently was only funny to me here:
See? It's my version of an entertainment center. Since everything happens on my computer...

Yeah, maybe it's not THAT funny of a joke, after all.

Anyways. Today I got up and immediately went out for Turtle Monday. Turtle Monday is my new notion of running an easy-as-possible 10 miles the first day of the week to kind of... warm my legs up for the rest of it. It helps me to feel better and considering that I've been running faster overall since I started them, what the hell. Turtle Mondays.

Then I spent the rest of the morning scraping off the cheap popcorn ceiling in the laundry room. The room has to be ready by Wednesday when our washer/dryer are delivered. So for a long time it was me, a mask, and a putty knife. Apparently I actually did something good, though, because when we were sitting at the Golden Dragon (on Battleground - one of the best cheap takeout places we've found so far), I mentioned quite casually, after I had some food in my stomach, that I had finished the room, and The BFFFE stopped eating her General Tso's to hug me.

Which was a pretty big deal considering I looked like this:

I took a long shower and I still feel like everything in the world is covered in plaster dust.

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