Thursday, May 26, 2011

He's got a rolled cigarette hanging out his mouth - he's a cowboy kid.

Today is Thursday. We're wrapping up this first week of summer school quite neatly, maybe not with a ribbon but, hey, cats eat ribbons when ribbons are not made of food, so it's best not to use them anyways.

I've never had summer classes before. It's a new, not altogether unpleasant experience for me. I mean... "Summer" as a concept doesn't really mean anything to me anymore, schedule-wise. It's kind of silly to assign it a special status and then sulk about the fact that I have to go to school anyways. I mean, what was I gonna do with my summer?

And I really do like school. So this is kinda fun for me. It would be more fun if I could access the internet from my house, and didn't have to get up so early to eat breakfast and bike over to the library so I could do my online class. But I really love being nerdy and learning how stuff works.

Like, yesterday while I was running, I kept thinking about what I was learning about the Sun and the angle of its radiation to the atmosphere affecting how much UV I was getting. This was particularly helpful as a rationale mid-run when I needed to take off my shirt or I was going to die of heat stroke. I could explain to my brain that it was late enough in the day that the Sun was low enough to reduce the amount of damaging UV rays on my tattoo. Even though it was still hot as Hades. I actually felt wibbly a couple of times. I stopped at two water fountains and actually overdrank at the last one because the water got cold and it was SO GOOD. So then I ran home with a stomach that kept threatening to cramp.

Today in ASL3 I get to tell a story about losing my keys. I practiced in the bathroom mirror at the auto shop this morning while I was waiting for my tires, and I think if I can keep from being too nervous and flubbing my signs, it'll be a good, funny story. There's only 12 people in the class and I guess I've got to get used to signing in front of them, anyhow.

Amazon's new Cloud Player feature - where all the MP3s you buy are immediately saved on Amazon's server and you have to then go get them on the Cloud Player - annoyed me until fifteen minutes ago, when I realized that it meant that, even though I'm at a lab computer, I can totally still listen to my music.

They did an interview with the head guy of Foster The People this morning. He was really interesting and honest about his music, this song specifically and how he understands that all the people that love it and have hailed it as a perfect happy summer song aren't really comprehending the lyrics. "All the other kids with the pumped up kicks... better outrun my gun."

Yeah, perfect summer song. Just like the Beach Boys, sug.

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