Monday, May 30, 2011

X-Men are kind of my wheelhouse.

Today's Topic:
This Banner Ad (and no, the link won't take you there, it just makes it bigger so you can see it better).

What they were probably thinking:
"It's an obscure comic book character. No one will know who she is. We'll totally pass her off as, like, a super hot Greek goddess. With tits. And people will click on our ad because they want to see her, and they'll end up playing our stupid game instead."

Flaws in their reasoning:
1. Emma Frost is kind of a big deal if you're at all into X-Men.
2. "No one would know from looking at me that I was Greek." Except this time for real. Unless that hand is reaching for a homemade spanakopita.
3. Greek goddesses with tits are like this:

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