Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goslings are the perfect change of subject.

I'm covered in paint from priming the bathroom and closet with the Kilz stuff, but that didn't stop me from trying on all the dresses Catface Meowmers got for me at a thrift store! I don't normally like dresses but lately I've become determined to find some that I like. I mean, I understand that I'm shaped a bit like a shoebox, but I'm not a total freak show. There have to be other women built like me out there, and someone has to make dresses for them.

Actually, Meowmers did exceptionally well. I have two cute dresses I can wear right now, and two that I'm determined that I will wear, with some alterations by the BFFFE or Meowmers. Apparently I'm a size four with the ribcage of a six. Curses - the one body part that can't be altered via increased discipline. I mean, where it couldn't zip, what was stopping it was literally just skin and then bone. I'm not Cher. What's there is staying there.

But clearly it's the dress' fault, and it should be the one to be punished - not my self-esteem.

So now I'm sitting at Caribou Coffee, peeling latex primer off my fingers and letting my computer update stuff while the BFFFE and Meowmers are painting things for real. Well, also spackling. Since, you know, I didn't do it good enough or something. I'm a bit grumbly about that, so here's a picture of some goslings.

It's not a really good picture, because I took it with my camera from a car while we drove past. But they were a really cute family of geese, in spite of being rather like that 18-Kids-And-Counting family. We had to stop and wait for them to cross the road, because I guess the babies got tired halfway across and had to take a break. I should have taken the picture earlier but the BFFFE and I were too busy squealing.

Next Wednesday, I have an online class starting up, and it says right in the syllabus, under 'teacher contact information,' that the professor cannot be reached by phone. Only email. Add this to the fact that it's a totally online course, and clearly the professor is actually a robot. So now I'm looking forward to it much more.

No, really. It should be cool. It's all about Earth and stuff it's made out of and how it all works, and that really used to be my bag, baby. I was a science major just so I could learn this type of thing. It was the math that got me.

Anyways. Time to go pick up dinner and then go watch some hockey. Go Pirates!

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