Monday, May 30, 2011

Real men order their mochas straight up.

I want to talk about The Girl Who Say Fuck A Lot's Best Wedding Ever, but I don't have any pictures yet, so you have to wait on that. All I'm gonna tell you now is, seriously, I've never had so much fun at a wedding in my life, and as a former catering employee, from a purely observational standpoint, I've never seen so many people having fun at a wedding.

Also, I'm quite sunburned, but I'm okay with that, because I somehow managed to keep my feet from being burned (even though I was wearing flip-flops and sometimes no shoes). It occurred to me as I felt the skin on the back of my neck baking and peeling that if my feet were sunburned, wearing running shoes and socks in the heat would be unbelievably painful.

But I'm good. I put in my Turtle Monday 10 this morning - three of those were faster with The Librarian, but after we stopped for water at the park, we separated. My legs felt kind of crappy because we did 26 miles on bikes yesterday afternoon. Is 26 miles on a bike a "long ride" or a "short ride?" I have no concept of distance on a bike. I mean, I know it took a long time but... is it like going for a 4 mile run or a 10 mile run?

Anyways. I went for the ride yesterday for two reasons, both of which are actually the same reason: I ate way too much mac n' cheese at the wedding. Sheer number of calories meant I HAD to do something or I was going to feel totally awful about myself, and sheer amount of cheese in my lactose-intolerant system meant that going for a run would have disastrous consequences.

I'm not sorry at all because it was so freaking delicious and The Girl Who Says Fuck A Lot is only having the Best Wedding Ever once. But I needed to get some kind of burn in to sort of... balance it all out in my head. The Librarian coming along was really nice and made it a pleasant afternoon instead of 'something I gotta get done.'

So now I'm sitting in Caribou Coffee. I finished my exam (it was a timed exam so I had to have finished by now whether I was done or not, but I did just fine) and now I'm wasting my time. As I do. The trivia question today is "What is the medical term for baldness?" which I of course know is 'alopecia,' because I have a slight obsession with circus freaks and medical mysteries, and I play Scrabble. So that's 10% off my obligatory coffee purchase.

Maybe something will happen later tonight that acknowledges that today is Memorial Day. By which I mean, maybe we'll go somewhere and sit in the grass with beer and watermelon.

But not the watermelon we brought back from the wedding. Because that's been soaking in moonshine since Saturday.

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