Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'll die living just as free as my hair.

Lady Gaga's new album dropped, as they say, yesterday, to much anticipation on my part.

I have to say that, so far, I like it very much. The BFFFE and I listened to it twice while we were sanding my abode, and while there are a couple of songs that aren't quite as epic as the rest, taken singularly, I think I'd find them more than just good. That's been the case with both The Fame and Fame Monster - some of the songs are really, really good, and they totally eclipse others, which are just solid. Like, to me, putting "Brown Eyes" on the same album as "Just Dance" is borderline idiotic. No one is going to want to listen to "Brown Eyes" when the better option is just a couple of tracks away.

I was actually a little worried about the album, considering how great I think "Born This Way" and "Judas" are. But think I'm ready to go on record as saying that at least two of the releases are better to me. I really like "Hair," which is an interesting reference to the titular song from the musical "Hair," I think, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. "The Edge of Glory" is an excellent song and ends the whole album with a bittersweet triumphant note and a saxophone solo.

Also, there's a whole song about unicorns. For srs.

Three of my fingertips are so rough I think I could use them as sandpaper themselves. And I still have two walls to go. Thank God for Lady Gaga.

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