Monday, February 21, 2011

Fortune Cookies are not food.

I tattoo really well.

It's not really something I can control, I know, and therefore not something I should really brag about. But I really, actually enjoy 90% of the experience of getting a tattoo. Sometimes it hurts a bit too much. But in general it's just a little pain, and a pretty good nap, and a satisfying end result.

I finally got my tattoo finished today, is what I'm rambling about. So ends the era of The Unfinished Tattoo Project. Higher quality images than I'm currently able to provide will be posted later, so just wait till then.

I stopped at Walgreens on the way there, to get my trusty A+D, and a container of Aquaphor because it's what the Librarian used to fantastic results on HER tattoo, and also a snack of some sort, which ended up being Pretzel M+Ms.

This was at the register:
So now I'm just going to walk around saying, "Walgreens... there's a way." And cracking myself up. Everyone is going to think I'm insane - except those who read this. So it's like a test. Haha.

I really didn't have that much left on the tattoo, so I'm hoping that it won't be so bad while healing that I have to modify my running schedule. When I first got it done, 5 hours of black outline and shading, I had to switch to biking for like 4 days because the impact of run shifted the entire painful healing wound up... and then down. It was impossible.

Last time, colors and a bit of shading, wasn't so bad. Two days off just to be safe. This time was just colors. I'm hoping I'll be able to jog real easy tomorrow. If not, hey. I've got a student ID and it gives me free access to the Rec Center any time I want.

No one was there with me this time, so Chris and I talked. About death. Seriously. We meandered from times we almost died (he had a few more than me, because saying I live dangerously is like saying Slim Jenkins is the feline equivalent of Stephen Hawking), to hunting and the various ethical/moral positions on it, to sick pets... basically we just chatted about death while he scrubbed shader needles into my skin. It was the kind of thing that, even while it's happening, you know you need to write into a book later.

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