Friday, February 11, 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with Apple.

I love them. They hate me.

They make their beautiful and perfectly functional music playing devices, and I adore them to the point of wishing, on several occasions, to have their babies. (I imagine said children would look something like AstroBoy, except instead of flying off to solve save the world they would just download suitably dramatic music.)

And then I switch to Linux, and discover the joyous rapture of an OS that simply works - cleanly, simply, stably. And Apple, perhaps jealous of how sexy Linux looks with the lights on, says, "No can has."

I want my iTunes. I want my iPod support. Apple has already made a lot of money off of me, and will probably get more in the future (goddamn the sexiness of the iPad, taunting me, waving that lightweight, sexy, portable lingerie from the bedroom door of the Apple Store).

Why can't they just give me this one thing?

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