Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tell the sun not to shine, not to get up this time.

I have a collection of coffee mugs. There's a Canterbury mug, and a Wicked: The Musical mug, and Rent, and one with a handle like brass knuckles, and a Car Talk mug, and one that just says, 'The Love Mug.'

I only ever drink out of one mug at a time, true. But I collect them with the vague notion of one day having a home and drinking a lot of hot beverages in that home. I'll have a writing studio, maybe, with its own coffeemaker and mugs lined up on a shelf along with several varieties of coffee bean while I sit around in my pajamas all day, busily making a living. People will come to interview me and mention in the article all my interesting, unique coffee mugs and how they are windows to the interesting, eclectic nature of my soul.

I like to dream.

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