Monday, February 21, 2011

Orphan Snippets

Found an old notebook with snips from a story I don't remember enough to pick up again. I think they're kinda funny and I want to use the notebook for something else, so here they are.

"A lot of the people on Earth didn't take care of their bodies, even though they knew how. This made little sense because, so far as they knew, they only had the one body. Ninety-two at least had the satisfaction of knowing that she would be removed from the soft tissue pretending to be a human brain and resume her normal existence. She still took care of the body. She doubted she would be able to requisition another one."

"Ninety-two's species communicated by twitching their phylla and emitting bursts of ultraviolet light. Humans did not have phylla or emit ultraviolet light.

There was no word for Ninety-two's species. The name of her species was one twitch and two long bursts. It would therefore have been hard to explain their current failure to communicate to Pedro."

"'Do you ever think about having kids?' Pedro asked, his face sticking to the hollow between Ninety-two's breasts.

Ninety-two, human brain running with all kinds of interesting chemicals, almost told him about the forty-seven offspring registered under her collective's name, but at the last second remembered he was talking about tiny, pink humans she would be required to incubate in her abdomen.

'No,' she said."

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