Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Assholes

A couple of weeks ago, The Scapegoat was out on an evening solo run and fell, hurting his upper back and shoulder pretty badly. Today's long run was the first time he's run with us since. A bunch of us were pushing it near the end, and someone asked him how he's been healing. "Ok, I think," he replied. "I don't know - I'm testing it today."

I turned to The Mouth next to me and said, "Nothing like a 13 mile test."

"Yeah," he huffed. "We're assholes."

Today's course was full of hills. I wasn't sure how my knees would do - it's been a few days since they hurt, but then it had been two weeks since I'd attempted over 10 miles. But it was alright. Not easy, since my legs were tired from hockey the night before, but no specific pain (except for my ass when I fell on it... twice). My goal was to just finish the whole run, no matter the time, but 1:54 isn't bad for 13.1 miles.

I love my running group for being the kind of assholes that are always looking for more runs, harder runs, faster runs, better race times - even if they say they're looking for something else.

We went out for breakfast at Smith Street Diner after the run. God, I love toast.

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  1. God, just reading that makes me hurt. You are a force of nature.