Saturday, February 26, 2011

"I don't do burlesque on a school night."

While The Librarian plays with Noise Putty and Sonny Seiler delivers his closing statement in Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, I thought I'd sit down and ramble all about some of my Favorite Things.

It's Saturday afternoon, see, and that's one of my Favorite Things. After my long run, after breakfast with the group, after a hot shower, flop down on the couch with Netflix and my sketchpad, or maybe a book, and The Librarian and I watch the cats do stuff. It's hard to focus on a Saturday afternoon. That's one of the things I like about them. Today I drew a picture of a circus train spiraling up to the sun. It's not very good, but that's ok.

The Trivia Master and I did twelve miles in an hour and thirty-seven minutes - and we were the slow group. I was hurting from hockey - but I played pretty well last night! I really feel like I know what I'm doing most of the time, even if I can't always do what I'm supposed to be doing. It's hard on my legs but I have to believe I'll get used to it. The one shadow on training for my marathon in the fall is that I'll have to drop hockey unless I really do get used to it. No way could I have run up with the rest of the group. They had to be running under an eight minute mile pace for a good bit of it and they ran at least four miles more than I did.

No hockey next week, though, so I might be able to run thirteen or fourteen and feel pretty good the whole time.

We went out for breakfast after, as we do. It was more like lunch, since it was 11, but we went to a place that serves their whole menu all day. I have an instinctive liking for a place where you can get pancakes and fried okra at the same time. Not that I'd want to do that - waffles and okra, maybe - but I could. I had scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and corn pancakes. I ordinarily don't care for pancakes. I think that they're just waffles lost in translation. But these were corn pancakes, which means like a combo of a sweet cornbread with corn bits in it and a pancake. Yum, for reals. That, and coffee, and you've got a happy English Major.

The Librarian and I stopped at Target after - another of my Favorite Things - and I got a dress, possibly for The Girl Who Says Fuck A Lot's wedding. I grabbed a pair of little boy's skinny corduroys but apparently little boys don't have thighs, and I can't bend my knees in them, so I've got to go get a bigger size. Bah humbug. But once they fit, I can wear them tucked inside my boots, which are yet another Favorite Thing, one that all three pairs of my wide legged jeans can't show off. I can't wear womens' skinny jeans because my calves are too big and I can't get them on - how funny is that?

Then for a while I was being used as a nap spot and watching the Narnian Cat go insane because someone wrote on his paw with scented marker, which means that now he thinks he's made of food.

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