Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's moment of truthiness

No matter what any bodybuilder, spokesperson, or nutritional supplement sales representative tells you, there is not a protein powder on the planet that will not eventually taste worse than ass to you.

Oh, some of them are sneaky. They will taste passably decent at first - perhaps even somewhat delicious. But those powders come in large tubs, my friends, and by the end of the tub, you will reach a point where you would rather lick your running shoes after a thirteen mile trail run in the Dog Days of Summer than chug one more scoop of that shit.

But sometimes you have to supplement. Especially when you're a vegetarian, and recovering from an injury, or trying to make your body keep up with an increase in activity by building more muscle, or haven't been able to get enough protein in your regular diet due to Circumstances Beyond Your Control. I know all the arguments about getting your nutrients from whole, real foods, and I try to do so whenever possible, but I repeat: sometimes you have to supplement.

I'm sitting here eating cinnamon dusted popcorn to get the taste of "Designer Whey French Vanilla" out of my mouth, trying really hard not to think about what happened to Lara Logan. I'm reading about this 85 year old man who survived in a ditch in the desert for 5 days instead. He drank windshield wiper fluid, filtered through a paper napkin, to survive. I hope I'm that MacGuyver when I'm 85. Though I also hope I do not get stuck in a ditch for 5 days when I'm 85.

It's so much easier to blame the victim than accept that sometimes really, really awful things happen because humanity sucks and it's all we can do to try and be good humans, singularly.

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