Saturday, February 19, 2011

She's just too legit to quit.

At the start of last spring's semester, I rediscovered MC Hammer's Too Legit To Quit. I played it all the time. I sang the chorus when walking to class. I was pretty much annoying, even to myself, much less to The Magpie, who was my roommate at the time.

And then, one day, I was telling her about an article I had read online about how M.I.A. was releasing a new album, despite the fact that she had said that she was retiring. (2010's Maya, well worth adding to your collection even though the video for 'Born Free' has been banned from YouTube, so you can't see it from me)

The Magpie was in the process of eating oatmeal. Spoon halfway to her mouth, she said, "I guess she's just too legit to quit."

The spoon clattered down into the bowl.

The Magpie covered her face with both hands.

"Oh, god," she moaned.

That was the first time I ever did my victory dance in public.

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  1. I remember when I was 13 and MC Hammer was all the rage. I definitely got sucked in by Hammer Time. Looking back I'm just amazed.