Monday, June 20, 2011

Creole Lady Xtina

This performance could be epic. I don't know. I was laughing too hard.

Honestly, did Christina not feel like learning a new song?

My favorite part is when she turns to her team and demands, "Say my name!" I mean, really, Xtina. Frenchie is... oh, wow. I didn't realize you were 30 now, and I would never have guessed that Frenchie is only 2 years older than you. WELL, Beverly is 11 years older than you, and also she could kick your ass if she wasn't so chivalrous, so delivering a musical bitchslap and screaming "Say my name!" is a little inappropriate.

Also, and understand that I'm a lesbian who thinks you're absolutely beautiful when I say this, I think sometimes you should wear pants.

One of the Youtube commentors said this: "My prediction for final 4: Javier, Frenchie, Vicci, and Dia Frampton because for some reason white people really seem to like her voice." So now every time I see Dia Frampton on this show all I can think is, "Dia Framption: Catnip For White People."

Meg & Dia will never be the same for me.

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