Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need my ankles to smell like oranges and mangoes.

I ducked home instead of going straight to the Superlab after my ride because I'm going to the orthopedist today. And everyone knows that means that I need to dry shave my legs and put on good-smelling lotion. People are going to be touching my legs.

I meant to do it before I left the house, but I forgot. I've become increasingly unable to function first thing in the morning. I had an entire conversation with the BFFFE the other morning, and then half an hour and several miles down the road later realized that it had all taken place in my head. I'm concerned that the rest of the Collective is going to think I'm avoiding conversation or something else silly like that. I just am Not Awake.

I've had this song in my head for two days, and I looked up the video on YouTube to listen to it, and I somehow managed to forget how simple and yet mind-blowing this video is. I don't really need to introduce it, do I?

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