Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I probably wouldn't do anything for a Klondike bar.

Just finished taking my Geosystems exam - thank God I found out one of Grandma's neighbors doesn't protect their wireless network, so I could just get up, make coffee, and power into it - and since I budgeted 2hrs for it and finished in 1hr10mins, clearly I need to entirely squander away 50mins.

Track last night was awesome.

I mean, it didn't seem awesome while I was doing it. It was a relatively cool day, and I showed up to track without knowing what I was going to do (I never know what I'm going to do because I don't know what I'm doing), so when The Math Teacher showed up as the only person around my pace ability and she didn't know what we were going to do, The Librarian suggested we try 400s. Since track workouts aim for 3 miles total, that's 12 400s.

At about the eighth one I started trying to scheme my way out of doing the rest. "Why don't we drop down to 800s, or do a mile repeat?" The Math Teacher was too busy actually recovering during the minute rests we were taking, and so I talked myself out of it by realizing that there was something actually very comforting about the fact that I knew I only had to go around once. I felt better about trying to kill myself, knowing that it would be over sooner.

But round about the second lap of my cooldown, I found myself thinking, "Hey, that was fun!"

I was maybe a little delirious.

So then after track we ate Mexican food, and then went to an Irish pub to meet some friends because, hey, we're Americans. So then I wound up driving back to the cats in WS (about a 40 minute drive if I'm being paranoid about speed traps) at like 11pm.

Which could only mean one thing: I needed a good snack.

I adore 24hr grocery stores. I adore 24hr anything, to be honest, because truthfully I'm bad a remembering Time. The BFFFE asked me to bring her home Subway last night and I said, "Sure," not remembering that Subways close at night. So now I'll be slouching into the house this morning with belated Subway and a guilty expression.

So I went to the Taj MaTeeter at Friendly Center, in search of provisions.

I wound up with these:
Apparently I've been out of the loop for a while, just eating the plain White Cheddar rice cakes because they're AWESOME, but I wanted a crunchy snack that I could eat while driving without leaving a mess, and rice cakes leave a mess even if I'm not driving while I try to eat them. Last time I looked at Quakes, they had two flavors: Cheddar and Caramel Apple. The Cheddar are good, but Caramel Apple flavor paired with a crunchy texture I associate with salty things is too jarring for me.

I was torn between the Kettle Corn, the Sea Salt and Black Pepper, and the Sweet Chili. I veto'd the Sweet Chili first simply because I didn't like the word 'sweet' in the name - that's a word they use to reassure people things aren't that spicy - and the final decision was somewhat arbitrary.

I like Kettle Corn. I kind of liked these Quakes. They're a little too sweet for the amount of not-salty they are, if that makes sense. I like my Kettle flavors to be evenly balanced, but the first bite was all sweet, no salt. After a while, the salty flavor started building up in my mouth, but it wasn't as obvious when you ate the Quakes the way I like to eat them - in little nibbly bites. I like the texture. To get a good balance between sweet and salty, you had to shove a whole cake in your mouth. Not as fun. There was also initially an eggy taste - like in Corn Pops - that didn't fit into the description, but it either went away or faded into the background.

My final review is that I wish I'd gone with the Sea Salt and Black Pepper. But I will next time. In fact, I'll probably pick some up today, when I stop at WalMart as part of my Search For Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream. I actually went to the Blue Bunny website last night and did a 'store locator,' and all the stores that popped up were WalMarts. Ergo, WalMart is hiding my ice cream.

Yes, Cheese Day isn't until Saturday, but I'm preparing in advance. Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream.

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