Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, monday.

First: Supernova WILL return. I just have to finish watching it. Which I WILL DO. I was halfway through part two on Friday when The Librarian said, "Come over to our friends' house where I'm dogsitting and sit on the back porch with a bunch of our other friends 'cause it's a nice night."

So I went and did that. Then the next day I was hosting the run, and eating corn pancakes, and watching The Walking Dead with the Librarian while consuming a little bit too much Breyer's Blasted! Whoppers ice cream. Then I just HAD to eat some good Thai food with my dad and Albuquirky Aunt at Taste of Thai. I found out that the seaweed-wrapped tofu in red curry sauce I've been so infatuated with for so long is actually "imitated catfish," which it's nothing like catfish so it's not a very good act. It's still super tasty so I would recommend it. I just maybe wouldn't mention during my recommendation that it's supposedly reminiscent of catfish.

The next day I was bike riding for three hours, then sitting in the sun at Fishbones and eating the MOST AMAZING TACOS EVER (I took a picture because I was so infatuated with them, see below). Then later there was music in a park in front of a supposed "mansion" and... well, I've just been really busy doing all kinds of things that are more interesting than watching Supernova.

So now I've finished with my exam and I'm sitting here worrying about The Librarian and the only way I know to stop worrying about things is to a) run or b) distract myself with pointless things.

I can't go running right now because I have class in 20 minutes and also I have track (or something) tonight and I only ran 6 instead of 10 yesterday because my legs felt so bad, so I don't want to push them any harder than a normal track day. So I'm blogging, which at this juncture is pointless but therapeutic. So there you go.

I found out that I should get the internet at my house on Thursday, which is THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER, and means that I won't have to spend 4 hours sitting in the computer lab at the library every morning. Also that I can watch Hulu.

Which is almost a shame, because I totally hauled all of my DVDs to the house yesterday, and it's kind of obscene how many I have. I put them all on a shelf and had to keep myself from petting them and purring like a satisfied dragon. Several of them I had forgotten all about because I had to put so many in storage when I moved into the dorm. I can't tell you how stoked I am that I can have all of my stuff in the same place. All of my books in one location, like a real person.

The fact that my books outnumber my movies by Quite A Few and I apparently have Three Shit-Tons of movie, kind of concerns me, but I will forge ahead, even if I end up with more shelfspace than floorspace. It must be done.

I start catsitting for my grandma in Winston-Salem on Wednesday (which is tomorrow), and since I have to go back and forth to class and to the run on Saturday, I'll be bringing stuff with me when I come. Including the bookshelf that my mother has been using 'until I have a place to put it.' I told her three weeks ago that I now had a place to put it, so she should clear it out. As of yesterday, it's not cleared out, but it will be, even if she comes home from work one day and all of her cookbooks are stacked on the floor.

My mother has more cookbooks than anyone on the planet, which is strange considering I've never seen her cook from anything but her recipe card box, which has all of her mother's recipes along with some from Albuquirky Aunt, who is a baker extraordinaire. I may horde books and movies, but at least they are all relevant to my interests and I use them. The ones that I don't use get carted off to Eddie McKay's so I can have more of the things I want. Also I keep them in good shape, so that Eddie will take them from me. My mom's books are mostly falling apart.

Time for me to run to class. Still haven't heard from the Librarian, but... well, okay, so I wouldn't know if anything really bad was happening, because no one would know to tell me, but I trust that everything is fine. I usually do and it usually is.

I see the moon, and the moon sees me...


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