Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes I worry about faces.

6 days. 177 miles. 983 minutes. Not bad, but yea gods, I want to run again.

I went to the store last night just to hang out, and it wasn't as hangdog as I thought it would be. I only experienced two bouts of "WAIT TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!" Honestly I think the biking is staving off the crazy for the moment. Next week I might be ready to kill someone, but so far my body is so focused on the new, exciting burn of biking that it hasn't seemed to notice it isn't being taken out for its runs.

So, here's the full skinny on my ankle:
I have what the Orthodoc calls a "stress reaction" in the place where my heel and talus bones connect. As far as Google can tell, "stress reaction" is just a fancy, I-went-to-medical-school way of saying "If you don't stop right the fuck now and let it chill out, it's going to be a stress fracture."

So I'm actually very proud of myself for listening to the pain and stopping when I did. It may have saved Richmond for me. As it is, I can't run or do any other impact sports for 2 weeks. I have some prescription anti-inflammatories (not straight up painkillers, thankfully, because I don't wanna be doped up for 2 weeks) and an ankle brace.

I'm allowed to bike as long as I stop if it hurts. Unfortunately, biking is just about the only thing that doesn't hurt - I limp outside in the morning and sigh in relief the minute both feet touch the pedals. It's gonna be a long 2 weeks, but I'm gonna do what the Orthodoc says, because I've got the time and I'm trying to be a smarter runner.

In other news, I just finished my last exam and am now officially on vacation. I've decided that I'm going to write and polish up a short story this summer. I tried to think about the plot this morning during my ride, and instead I wrote this:

Cthulhu's world!

Cthulhu's world!

Cthulhu loves destruction!
And chaos too!
That's Cthulhu's world!

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