Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You might have had to be there...

So, I finally got an ASL (American Sign Language) professor who knows that we're going to try to cuss in sign whether or not we actually know how Deaf people do it. I now have the sign for "bullshit" - actually several signs for bullshit, but one of which is my absolute favorite. It's very satisfying to do and I'll be using it a lot among Hearing people.

The way we got onto the subject was that we just started the unit on ailments.
And this conversation happened:
Prof: So... you all have learned this sign to mean 'shit.' But it's not... it's not like bullshit. It's not a cuss word. It's actual shit. It's a descriptive classifier, so you have it this way, and then this way...
Student: But what about the in-between?
Prof: The... in-between?
Student: You know, when you're not constipated, and you're not...
Prof: Oh, you mean a regular shit.

It was pretty much the funniest conversation to ever happen in an ASL class. We also learned the signs for male and female orgasm, because he was teaching us the sign for 'bug bite,' and the only difference between the sign for 'bug' and 'male orgasm' is two slight finger twitches.

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