Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Disappointing, The Awesome, and the Utterly Horrendous

This is a Multiverse Post.

By which I mean, I'm gonna be all over the place and talk about a lot of things, because a lot of things happened in my brain yesterday and I wanna talk about all of them.

First, since it holds onto the thread of yesterday's post:
I'm really not surprised that the two most boring contestants were the ones preferred by America. But whatever, because Beverly and Vicci will still put out cds, and I will still be able to buy them, and life will be good.

I finally saw X-Men First Class, and I really quite liked it. I'm nervous about any movie that claims to have Emma Frost in it, because Wolverine Origins really hurt my feelings with their Not-Emma-Frost. Emma Frost is a fan favorite and they finally got some writers in the franchise who realize that, but they apparently didn't get someone who was actually a fan, and what they gave us was a little girl who... no, this review isn't about that movie.

This review is about a movie that managed to almost get Emma Frost right. I was nervous about January Jones, I admit, but there had been rumors about her as Emma Frost for a while. She wasn't terrible. She was actually almost perfect. She needed to beef up her voice, though. Especially when she was speaking telepathically, her voice sounded kittenish and girly. Emma Frost needs to command.

It's kind of a pet peeve of mine when they give Emma her diamond skin mutation before she's supposed to have it, but I understand that it's a great visual. It's apparently not enough for her to be the third most powerful telepath in the world. At least First Class used the fact that she was a telepath, unlike in Origins where no one even mentioned it.

Michael Fassbender was great as Magneto, and I'm looking forward to reading the reactions in the fan community to the Magneto-Mystique-Beast triangle that the writers decided to develop. Mystique was the wrong age, comic-canon wise (when exactly is Nightcrawler supposed to be born, now?) but I loved the characterization in a character that has generally only been used to show off pretty special effects.

My one complaint is the change in Beast's character. Hank McCoy was a football player and a television personality - he was big, gregarious, and people liked him. Yes, he hid his mutation for a long time, until the whole "turning blue" thing kind of ruined that, but he was nothing like the pipe cleaner with eyes First Class turned him into.

Transformers 3.

Don't go if you care at all about Transformers. Michael Bay doesn't care about you.

Also, I was really very glad I didn't see it in 3D or IMAX. I think I might have had a seizure. I was expecting explosions, but I wasn't expecting odd, shuttering camera flickers.

Walking out of the theater, the Uber Transfan wiped her eyes and said, "I've never sobbed when a character died before in my life!"

Catface Meowmers and I were silent for a moment, because she was really quite upset, and then Catface Meowmers spoke up, quietly: "Not... not even when Simba's dad died?"

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