Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movin' on up...

You may notice a new feature on the blog - SPACE GHOST! I'm not feeling futzy enough to try to make the test all wiggly like the guy's voice in the show, but if you're like me, you added it anyways.

Space Ghost is there to help you (well, mostly help me) countdown to the Richmond SunTrust Marathon, which I am now officially registered for. I realized that it would be pretty lame if I did all this talking about running Richmond, and then the thing was sold out by the time I got around to it. So I fixed that and to celebrate the fact that all my catsitting money just bought about 4 hours of time in November, I put Mr Space Ghost up.

No turning back now. I paid for this thing.

I was walking into Harris Teeter last night at about 10pm to buy eggs for breakfast, and I spent a couple of minutes musing over the fact that if I was a vampire, this would be my normal shopping time, so how did the people hanging around in the parking lot know that I wasn't a vampire. "You're too tan now," a helpful weasel in my head whispered.

But then another weasel replied, "You'd think vampires would have figured out self-tanning lotion by this point."

Which is an excellent point. What is it about the sun that makes vampires burst into flame? I'm assuming it's some kind of UV intolerance, given the fact that Blade uses weapons armed with UV light bulbs, so self-tanning lotion would probably be safe for them to use. But it could be a reaction to their own melanin production, a kind of autoimmune response that is a nasty side effect of being their kind of undead. In which case, self-tanning lotion just went from slightly laughable product to deadly weapon in the battle against the undead.

Someone call Buffy.

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