Sunday, April 17, 2011

"All the haters are just angry."

I've been listening to 102.1, a.k.a. 102JAMZ, in the car lately. It just seems to suit my driving mood better. I may qualify as Very Strange, flipping back and forth between NPR and hip-hop, but here's the thing: I can only take so much bad news before I start to get mad and worried. When I get mad and worried, I want to listen to hip-hop and rap because it's all about posturing, see? It's about the stubborn, angry look you put on your face when your circumstances are bad and you make them better by force of will. When my entire country is falling to pieces and more people hate than love, that's the kind of attitude I have to keep stored on my eyebrows.

This is Ace Hood, one of my favorite hip-hop artists, with Hustle Hard. The remix, actually, featuring Lil Wayne, who I also really like. It's on heavy radio rotation right now and I still haven't gotten tired of it.

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