Saturday, April 16, 2011

And when we got home, the Jehovah's Witnesses had left us a note.

At the Diner this morning, post-run, I asked the waitress to please see if the chef would put pimiento cheese in my omelet. "You gotta be kidding me," she blurted out, and from that moment on I was predisposed to not liking her.

One, it wasn't that outlandish a request. Omelets have cheese; pimiento cheese is cheese. And two, if you're a waitress, you don't judge your customers to their faces like that. Once they're gone, or you're in the back, you judge them hard, but you don't make them feel like freaks, even if they are freaks. I'm not a freak. I just wanted pimiento cheese in my omelet.

She wasn't a very good waitress anyways. She didn't make big mistakes - everyone's food was right, everyone got coffee and water - but there's a line between being a good, unobtrusive waitress and one who genuinely isn't paying attention, and she was on the 'not paying attention' end of the scale. I usually excuse poor waitressing, because I had plenty of bad days back when I was waiting tables, but for some reason this woman really bothered me.

Also, my pimiento cheese veggie omelet was fantastic. I'm so glad I decided to order it, judgment or not. Moving on.

Today's run was fast and soggy. I ran with The Ultramarathoner and we wound up at an 8:02 pace. I know he probably could have done it faster but I appreciate the fact that he said he was fighting an injury and hung with me. 12 miles at 8:02 makes that one of the best runs I've had so far. I never really felt 'dead' - I think my system has finally managed to adapt to longer runs. For a while I would just constantly feel out of fuel but I felt good today. It gives me hope for when I start pulling the even longer distances.

I've never run over 14; they say anything over 16 feels like an entirely different ballgame. We'll see. Before Richmond I'd like to do one distance over marathon distance, just so I know that I can hold it for the entire 26.2. Maybe some Saturday I can con some people into running the extra with me. I gotta figure out my food/drink plan, too. The One With Manners swears I'll like the sport beans, and I instinctively trust her because her clothes always match. Most of those gels just look like snot rockets and I don't want to feel that in my mouth for miles and miles. Sometimes I brush my teeth twice before I go out.

It was raining for a little while this morning, and I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to see because of the rain on my glasses, but it stopped just about the time we hopped on the greenway, and by the time we got back to the cars most of the heavy water had been throw out of my shoes. They're still wet, of course, but not sodden.

Right about now, though, the storm of the century should be starting up. The cats are appropriately insane and I have to drive to a job in High Point in about an hour, so that should be fun. The job should be fun, too, because it's on my feet all night and my hamstrings are still bitching at me. But I'm gonna do it, because I need the money. None of my other applications have even rated a call back.

If you're reading this and you know of any job openings in the Greensboro area, let me know. I have great references, experience in a variety of fields, and tech skills. I hate to beg but I really do need income.

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  1. Two Things:
    1. I still don't think that waitess was that rude or bad. The rest of us loved her. I mean, she cursed with us! You are just grumpy b/c she didn't understand your pimento cheese request. A bad waitress lets you leave a place paying for a meal no one ordered or ate. This lady was just goofy.

    2. Running the total or over marathon distance before the marathon = Really Bad Idea. Ask any of the runners ... even The Super Fast One. That's part of the race day challenge ... after mile 20 or 21 it's mainly a mental game. Running more than that before the marathon will just destroy your legs -- no matter who slow you go. So, stop planning on that, heh. No runners will help you with that goal.