Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Like trying to reheat tater tots in the microwave. It doesn't work."

Something odd happened today. I hit the wall with Chaucer.

I love The Canterbury Tales. A lot. But today's reading was the Monk's Tale, and I pulled a total "tl:dr." That stands for "too long: didn't read," and is used in chat forums during debates and heated discussions. A person will post what's known as a "wall of text," maybe a very well-reasoned response, and someone will respond with, "tl:dr." It's a really snippy way of saying, "Bored now. Shut up. I don't care if you're right (and I pulled this move because you probably are)."

The Monk's Tale hits you will this Wall of Text about how the mighty fall. It's well-written and I understand the point, I think, which is that God - it's always God in Medieval Literature - has set up the Rules of The Game so that everything is fair, and that means that bad things happen to good people sometimes.

But seventeen examples was a bit too much for my brain. When I skipped to the end and saw that the Knight - the noblest and therefore most proper person in the party - interrupts him with a, "For the love of all things, please just stop it," I felt vindicated.

This is Goldfrapp, off of their third album and the third single from that album. It's my favorite Goldfrapp song. I thought of it because sometimes I think Goldfrapp goes on a bit too long, even though they're very good.

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