Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Elegant in its simplicity.

It's Study Day. Exams start tomorrow.

Spring semester is ending. This doesn't just mean exams, oh no - if you live in the dorms, it means you have to pack up all your shit, get it out of the dorm, and clean your now ex-room, all in time to check out less than 24 hours after your last exam, which you still have to study for and pass.

You're stressed out. You're extra tense because the Cafeteria is running funny hours, the food isn't as good, and people are playing music outside your window all hours of the day under the misguided impression that it's helping you have a good time or something.

What is a person to do in this situation?

Well, up until now, I've just been dancing to Backstreet Boys songs in between manic bursts of essay glottage, but now I know better. I have been taught.

The solution to all of this stress, all of this frenetic panic building up inside of your chest, is to put soap in the fountain.

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