Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I Think About When I'm Having Lazy Time

-I wonder if Bobby Flay has ever successfully pronounced the word 'Chipotle."

-If I painted my toenails, would it disguise my poor damaged second toes or make them even more obvious?

-Moseying around the track for an hour while talking on your cell phone is not a good use of gym time.

-The China Wok gave me a pint of white rice along with the brown rice I ordered, and while I don't want it, and won't want it in the next few days, something within me balks at throwing it away. It's rice. It's white and not particularly healthy and it doesn't keep well or lend itself to many other dishes. I got it for free. Throwing it away should not be a big deal. Apparently my brain lives in the Great Depression.

-I just learned about brown butter and I don't know how I got away without knowing about it for so long.

-Also, I just learned how to make ice cream without an ice cream machine. These two things started out as related but they're not anymore.

-If you click 'no' on every 'Is this ad relevant to you?' option on Hulu, what will your ads eventually be?

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