Monday, April 4, 2011

March Recap


Distance: I ran 207 miles in March, 47 miles a week except for last week when I only had 44. I don't feel bad about the low week for two reasons. One, I cut those miles on Tuesday because my leg didn't feel right, and I'm pretty sure I would have injured it if I had run track as planned. And two, my long run on Saturday was the fastest I've ever run that distance.
Speed: I'm still having trouble with pacing. When I'm running with a partner, I'm consistently between an 8:05 and an 8:15, but by myself I'm between an 8:30 and a 9:00. I did 4 miles at or below an 8:00 on the treadmill at the gym without much trouble, so I know that I can run fast. I just need to figure out how to set and maintain that kind of pace on my own.
Goals: I'd like to start running more races of varying lengths, to set some PRs if nothing else. The only formal race I've ever run was a half marathon. I'm not speedy enough to really slay a 5k or anything, but I'd like to have that PR set so that when I do start getting faster, I'll have something to compare to. I'll be signing up for the Richmond Marathon in November as soon as I have the money.
Other: March was injury and illness free, and for the most part I felt okay. I was really down on myself for a couple of weeks and that affected my perception of my running, but retrospectively I think I did all right.


I rolled out of bed at 12:15AM this morning and snagged the two summer classes I needed, ASL 3 and Geosystems Science/Lab. I was tempted to just stay in bed, and try to register in the morning, but my body clock woke me up at 12:14. I'm glad I did, now - it's a huge weight off my shoulders that I got these courses and can get the schedule I want for Fall. I have to drop off my Financial Aid forms today or tomorrow and hopefully they won't be too busy, so I can ask them if everything is OK.


I sort of have a job, but it's on an event-by-event basis and it's working with charities, which means that most of the work will happen in the Fall, and not now, when I need the money. But I'm sure that I'll need the money in the Fall, too, and there will be a couple of events over the summer. It's a really cool gig - it's like a combination of tech support with a catering job. Tech support on the go.

I'm still looking for more regular work. I'll be checking out one really cool opportunity today that I hope I get, but I've got a lot of feelers out and I'll keep putting more until I get something.


I'm fine. Really.

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