Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter-time is the time for eggs.

I'm considering some tag lines for Easter.

Easter: Like Christmas, but without the loot.
Easter: Just wait till your kid asks you what a rabbit has to do with Jesus.
Easter: Have you ever put a Peep in the microwave?
Easter: Jellybeans aren't vegan. Think about that.
Easter: No, I don't know why we don't have turkey for this one, either.
Easter: You gotta have two outfits for it because the weather doesn't always celebrate it.
Easter: I don't care if you're wearing awful new shoes, kid, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE THE OTHER KIDS WILL STEAL ALL YOUR CANDY!
Easter: Jesus loves you, but not enough to make the candy easy to find.
Easter: The day before I make myself sick on discounted chocolate bunnies.
Easter: Some time around April. We think.
Easter: Crucifixion is a downer. Let's paint eggs.
Easter: You can only get a fresh Peep once a year.
Easter: Lent: Finally Over

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