Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I dreams things that never were and ask, "Why not?"

Good morning. I'm sitting here, drinking coffee out of a Magic Hat Hex pint glass, and devoting a little bit of precious morning brainpower to wondering what the hell was up with the dream last night where I was making pants with magic.

I have really weird, really complex dreams. Anyone who's been around me first thing in the morning knows about them, because usually some part of the pre-coffee morning involves rehashing them, pressing my palms to my eyes and groaning, "What the hell was that about?"

I do think dreams have meanings, I just think that mine bury them in layers upon layers of meaningless plot development and dialog.

And apparently something I've always taken for granted as a weird me thing is actually something more common to men - I dream in 'watcher' mode. Sometimes I'm not even in the dream, and it's like falling asleep in my bed and waking up at a cineplex. I've woken up and written down the plot of my dream and made it into a short story. They're that logical.

Apparently men usually dream in watcher mode, and women actively participate in their dreams. I do dream in color, though, which is a more female characteristic - men dream in black and white with touches of gold, red, and green.

I have dreamed myself in myself before. It's always a momentous occasion.

In keeping with the theme of the morning, this is Priscilla Ahn, performing 'Dream.' I'm pretty sure that it's a tragedy I'd never heard of her before this morning when Pandora suggested her to me.

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