Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zenon: The Zeitgeist

This is not the song of the day, but it made me happy, so I assume it will make you happy, too.

Yes? No? Even a little smile?

I miss the old Disney Channel Original Movies. I don't mean these new ones that come out sometimes - High School Musical, Camp Rock, et cetera, yes yes, whatever you say. They're just not Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century, or Johnny Tsunami, or Rip Girls, and you can't make me think they are. It's just... not the same.

Like the new Star Wars movies. Yes, they were somewhat bad movies, but let's be honest - they're fairly on par with the rest of the science fiction movies being made around the same time. They just somehow, along the way, lost the EPIC quality that made the original Star Wars movies so very worth our time.

How? Why? Questions perhaps best left to those who made them. We viewers are just left to pick up the shattered pieces of our adoration and try to fit them back together. And while Darths and Droids made a valiant and, I think, effective attempt to make The Phantom Menace ok, there's no one out there trying to make High School Musical fit within the finely tuned Disney Channel movie compass that swings wildly from left to right, trying to find something, anything, like Brink! and Pixel Perfect.

You can't do it. There's something missing. Some earnest quality we know to look for and can't find, something left behind in the plot of Eddie's Million Dollar Cookoff that we'll never be able to get back.

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