Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunburnt as shiznit.

I'm trolling the internet, trying to find more information about what happened last night on Glee, cursing my stupidity for letting myself get so far behind that it'll take hours to catch up, and trying not to think about how Everything I Love Dies and they probably won't fix this Brittana thing to my satisfaction.

I mean, I got a little comfortable when they let Katherine and Robin ride off into the sunset together on Desperate Housewives (shut up, we all do things we're sometimes embarrassed about) and I've been happily surfing along on this sugary Glee rollercoaster of subtext. Now's about the time that Network Television yanks the rug out from under me again.

I also just found out that they're planning to make a Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie... without Joss Whedon. I assume everyone was keeping this from me to preserve my feelings. Thank you for your efforts.

Maybe... just maybe... enough of the Whedonverse is mainstream that some part of the show will remain intact. I mean, there are things inherent to Joss Whedon's work that are certainly part of my personality. When I hear that someone hasn't seen Firefly, I tell them they have to watch it so that "I'll make more sense." I think if you respected it enough, you could continue Joss Whedon's work. But the fact that they're doing it while Joss is still alive would suggest that they're not respecting it at all.

And what's this about a new Charlie's Angels series? Why are they remaking everything? I don't buy the argument that the old stuff doesn't appeal to the younger generation. I think it totally would if you gave them a chance. Instead, you just shove the new shit under their faces and they never even learn how amazing and earnest the originals were.

Nissa the Cat has discovered that if she sticks her paw in the empty bag of popcorn, it comes out salty and delicious. Points to her for being the first of the cats to not just push the bag around the living room with her face for a while and then give up.

The song of the day is off of Robert Plant's album, Band of Joy, which is amazing.

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