Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Takes A Minute (That's What She Said)

A while back, Glee did a 'Bad Song' episode, where they took all these supposedly bad songs and made them good again. However, I happened to think that most of the songs featured were not bad so much as just not good.

So I started thinking about BAD songs. And ladies and gentlemen, straight from the archives of my pre-coffee brain, here's my vote for the worst song ever made. Bar none. It fails on both fronts - it's not only a bad song musically, but its subject matter is more than a little offensive.

It's called 'Some Girls Dance With Women.' In it, JC Chasez goes to a lesbian club and thinks all the girls are dancing for him, instead of staring at him because he's a dude. In a lesbian club. It features him not-really-singing, and not-really-dancing, though he tries because this is close enough following his N*Sync days.

All "Oh, the poor ignorant boy bander - all the lesbians probably think he's a girl so they DO hit on him" jokes aside, JC Chasez had to know that sometimes people are just GAY. I mean, he was in a band with Lance Bass.

What do you think? Worst song ever?

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