Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yes, we'll soon go outside.

Sunday Morning + Rain = Sit on your butt on the floor with a computer in your lap, headhunting Amazon for free music and trying to convince the cats that they don't want to sit on your computer when really you both know that they do.

Then Nissa will spend ten minutes macerating your liver and licking your wrists, and you'll finally be grateful for all those typing classes they put you through in elementary school, because you can type through a cat.

The song of today is from Sister Hazel, who, as I've recently discovered, have been releasing music all this time, when I though they had possibly broken up or something the way a lot of 90s bands have.

So, in apology for ignoring them all this time, here's "All For You," which I totally still remember all the words to.

Fun Fact: Sister Hazel named themselves for Sister Hazel Williams, a nun from their home town who ran a homeless shelter.

An album called '11411' is currently available for free as an Amazon MP3 download. It's good, even though apparently it's not considered actually an 'album' so much as a compilation of new songs they've never released before. That makes sense, huh? Go here and get it, whatever it is.

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