Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Massive Saturday Glot

First Things First: Congratulations to my friend Margie over at The Marathon Years. She just kicked the National Marathon in the face. But I'll let her tell you all about it over on her blog.


I feel like I'm waiting to get fast again.

I don't know why, really. I'm not SLOW - when you look at an average pace on DailyMile, it's 8:32, including my bad days and my admitted slow runs - but when I run lately I just feel like I'm not keeping up with myself.

I realize this doesn't make much sense. But it's how I feel. I feel like when I admitted to myself that I wasn't gonna be keeping up with those members of my running group who are training for Boston, something within me let up a little bit and decided that we (as a bodily unit) were just not going to run that fast in general. I started hockey and track in the same week, and wound up with runner's knee, and I HAD to slow it down, I know. I did what was right for my body, and my knee got better, and I certainly don't regret the time off. But I can't seem to get over the 'take it easy' mentality I had to adopt.

I'm not training for anything right now - so it's not important, except to me, and my constant need to go faster/be better. And I'm a little morose right now just by token of the fact that I had a kind of terrible long run this morning. Running after hockey night is tough.

When I start actively training for Richmond, I'll really focus on getting faster. But right now I'd settle for a long run under 8:30 that feels good.


I'm watching Cupcake Wars, which is possibly the most annoying show on FoodNetwork. The contestants don't seem like real people. One of them just had to scrap an entire batch of cupcake batter because she 'wasn't sure' if she'd added the eggs or not. What kind of "cupcake baker" can't stick a finger in the batter to tell if she added her eggs? What kind of baker calls themselves a cupcake baker? And prances around the kitchen in high heels? Seriously, they make me NOT want a cupcake, and that's hard to do.

Occasionally Kim Kardashian's Shape-Up commercial comes on, though, and that makes me laugh.

I take it back - Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee is the most annoying show. I saw a clip the other day where she took store bought vanilla icing and added cocoa powder to make chocolate icing. Whyfor? Also, when she was narrating herself, she said, "Now, I'm going to add a teaspoon of cocoa powder," and was clearly adding a HEAPING tablespoon. Have another drink, Sandra Lee.

Oh, good. Iron Chef America is on. I'm gonna eat my broccoli with garlic sauce now.

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