Monday, March 7, 2011

If my brother made a music video, this would be it.

Because apparently my brother is Romanian in his aesthete.

This isn't the song of the day. I found it while scoping out the real song of the day, and one frame of the look on his face had me laughing. So if you need something to perk up your Monday, this could be it.

Here's Dan Balan with 'Chica Bomb' ...technically safe for work but maybe don't let your boss see you watching this. It would be embarrassing to watch except for the times when Dan shows up, and then the funny kinda takes away the hot. At one point I'm pretty sure his pants are falling down. And not on purpose. He's just too busy making his best Jersey Shores face to pull them back up.

They made an alternate version of this video. Its title is, "Dan Balan Chica Bomb GIRLS ONLY VERSION NO DAN," which says to me that they understand their target audience fairly well. Oh, Romanians.

What does Dan actually do in this video/song anyways? As far as I can tell, he just says, "chica BOMB," over and over, and shakes his head in time to the strobe effect. So GIRLS ONLY NO DAN is kind of an accurate statement. Apparently to be a rock star you just have to have spiky hair and posture next to some Romanian underwear models.

Now I have to go add "hair gel, super spiky" to the grocery list.

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